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Surgery Party 10 – Anesthesiologist, Obstetrician & Surgical Nurse Dancing

Image by ex_magician
The surgery department at Sky Lakes Medical Center had a party Friday night at Yesterday’s Plaza, downtown Klamath Falls. The reason for the party was to get to meet the new orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Knudsen, who we all know already; but that’s okay because it looks like everybody had fun. Dr Knudsen played bass guitar in both of the bands that played at the party. (Sorry, I don’t recall the band names right now.)

Percy Rossell, Zulema Tomas, and local intern

Image by ReSurge International
Percy Rossell is an Interplast Surgical Outreach Director in Peru and a surgeon. Zulema is the pediatric anesthesiologist who works regularly with Percy in Lima, this is her first Interplast trip. One of the elements of this mission is the integration of local medical staff and our Interplast colleagues. This helps achieve the Interplast goal of host country empowerment.

Dr. Hien

Image by ReSurge International
Most Interplast teams that come to Vietnam meet up with Hien. Those that do not know her are initially surprised. Who is this diminutive woman in jeans and a t-shirt who acts with such paradoxical confidence as she cuts through red tape and miscommunication? She looks nothing like what she is, which is nothing less that one of Vietnam’s best anesthesiologists. Her selfless dedication to improving the quality of life of the poorest people in Vietnam through her involvement with Interplast is an amazing testament. As long as there are people like Hien in the world, I will continue to have hope….

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