Question by svetulka_66: How long do you study to become a certified anesthesiologist?
I wonder what cources or programms in college should one person go through before med. school to become anesthesiologist and how long does it take?Thanx

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Answer by Shanna S
With your goal in mind, I would major in chemistry as an undergraduate, since anaesthesiologists have to understand the chemistry of the chemicals and the chemstry of the people. That is if you are looking for the MD route.

If you wish to achieve a CNRA (certified registered nurse anesthetist), you will still need school, but you will need a certified program at an higher learning institution. Usually this is only 3 years.

A MD or DO will mean about 14 years, and you must be an exceptional student.

A CNRA should also be exceptional students, but will work only under the direction of a MD/DO.

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